About Me

Hello there!

My name is jc01562, at least that's what I go by online. I am an autistic artist who loves to draw, especially lineless art!

(He/Him) (Asexual) (B-Day: Sep. 29 2005)

(This is how I draw myself.)

I've been drawing digitally since 2019, and I am proud with how I've improved. My current art-style consists of lineless art, and I've been experimenting quite a lot to get better with the shading. I think my favorite process of the drawing is the shading, I just really love to shade a bunch on my drawings, it makes them look really appealing.

During the time I've been drawing, I've made many, many OCs for a story I've been making in the background. I basically have my own little universe with all my OCs. This said story is still a heavy work in progress, as I've not spoke much of it's lore, though I really want to finalize it.

My Interests


Touhou Project, Ori and the Blind Forest, Super Mario 64, Minecraft, Roblox, Cave Story, Pony Town, Portal, Billie Bust Up, Pizza Tower, Mother: Cognitive Dissonance, Undertale, Geometry Dash, FNF


Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, Guardians of the Galaxy, How to Train Your Dragon, My Little Pony, Bullet Train, Helluva Boss

Other Things

Nintendo 3DS, Picross, Drawing, Minesweeper, Sanrio

My OC Story

I have a huge interest in making a story, one that connects all together, which I've been developing for many years, since 2020. Almost every OC I've made is present in said story, all in one single universe, or should I say galaxy?

Yea, the whole story takes place in one single galaxy, hence why I have the placeholder name for this story... "Compact Galaxy"! Like I said, it's a placeholder name, so if you can suggest a better name, or if you think this one's fine as is, please tell.

Although, I feel that's unlikely, because like I said earlier, I've barely shown any lore and such for "Compact Galaxy". Plus, it's currently a heavy prototype. Once I'm ready, I'll show a lot about it. Look forward to it, if you want.

(Old, and longer, version of my About Me available as a link at the top and bottom of the page.)