About Me (Long Version)

Hello there!

My name is jc01562, at least that's what I go by online. I am an artist who loves to draw, especially lineless art!

(He/Him) (Asexual) (B-Day: Sep. 29 2005)

(This is how I draw myself.)

I've been drawing digitally since 2019, and I am proud with how I've improved. My current art-style consists of lineless art, and I've been experimenting quite a lot to get better with the shading. I think my favorite process of the drawing is the shading, I just really love to shade a bunch on my drawings, it makes them look really appealing.

During the time I've been drawing, I've made many, many OCs for a story I've been making in the background. I basically have my own little universe with all my OCs. This said story is still a heavy work in progress, as I've not spoke much of it's lore, though I really want to finalize it.

My Interests

Now, I want to talk about my interests! Saving my biggest one for last.

A few of my favorite games include Minecraft, Roblox, Cave Story, Super Mario 64, and Pizza Tower.

Minecraft is quite a classic, and is one of the games that I can kind-of speedrun. Fastest I've done is 2 hours.

Roblox is another game that I play quite often, I usually play that game a lot with my brother, specifically minigame-like games such as "Plates of Fate", "RBLX-Ware", and "Epic Minigames".

Cave Story is one of the other games I love to speedrun, fastest being an hour or two. The story is also pretty great. I also made a Cave Story OC quite a while ago, though I never bothered to draw them again.

Ah, Super Mario 64, my favorite 3D platformer of all time. I got very interested in it somewhere in 2018, but I did also played it a bunch back when I was young. Sucked at it then, but got better!

Another interest I have is Hanazuki, one of my favorite Hasbro shows. It was even my hyperfixation at the time it was out (and still kind of is). All the characters are so cute, especially the moonflowers. I also love the Hemkas, adorable little bunnies.

I have a few other lesser interests, such as Pokemon, My Little Pony, Sanrio, Billie Bust Up, Picross, Ori, Undertale, and Mother/Earthbound.

Now, I've taken a bit of an interest in the Mother/Earthbound series due to one thing: gieegs! I really love gieegs, the design of the species is so cute to me, which was what heavily inspired my main OC, Shai. It also inspired me to make a species of my own that's vaguely different than them, which I call amurlons. (If they look too similar to gieegs, I plan on redesigning them to look more dragon-like, such as Shai's redesign.) The mooks are cute too, had an idea of an OC for quite some time, which I recently finalized and named Anne.

Another big interest I have is the Marvel series, but I have little to rant about. I do love Guardians of the Galaxy tho, my favorite series in Marvel.

Now, onto the big one. :)

My Interest in Touhou Project

My biggest interest, and my most favorite of all time, is Touhou Project. I really love that series, the gameplay, the art, and especially the music! The music is so well done, it's the only music I listen to, the style is very appealing to my ears, it's just perfect! You should give it a listen sometime.

My favorite OST is... hm, I have a bunch of favorites. Firstly, there's "Ten Desires", I really love that one letimotif that plays in almost all the tracks of the game, it makes this game more unique than the others due to its Spirit Trance ability.

Another one of my favorites is "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom", which is the second Touhou game I've known about after "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", hence why it's one of my favorites. It's got that feeling of space, and the tracks just sound so grandiose, like the track "Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart". Another track I like from that game is "Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner", it has that feeling of chaos and danger, which fits since that boss battle is considered one of the hardest in all of Touhou.

Another one of my favorite OSTs is "Wily Beast and Weakest Creature". I like the new approach to the music, sounds pretty different from the games before it. Some tracks are soothing and tranquil, while others are dark and grand. My most favorite track from that game is "Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize World", which might be my most favorite final boss theme from Touhou.

Another good favorite of mine is "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil", it is quite nostalgic to me. It's the very first Touhou game I've played, which I wasn't good at it at the time. The music has a very distinct style from the rest, and always gives me that feeling of nostalgia everytime I give it a listen.

There's a couple other favorites, such as "Great Fairy Wars", "Imperishable Night", "Double Spoiler", and "Subterranean Animism", but I won't rant about those.

I also like some of ZUN's music albums, such as "Dolls in Pseudo Paradise". That one is another soundtract that makes me nostalgic, more than "Embodiment of Scarlet Devil". It calms me down when I'm not okay, it is so sooting and relaxing. My favorite track from it is "Legend of Hourai", quite possibly the most soothing piece of music I've ever heard. The whole soundtrack is pretty great, gives me some good vibes. You should really give it a listen, I bet you'll like it too!

I do like a couple other albums from ZUN, such as "Dr. Latency's Freak Report", "Magical Astronomy", and "Neo-traditionalism of Japan", but I'll spare you from my ranting about music.

Now, I have a couple of games that I like in terms of gameplay, which mostly consist of the spin-off games.

My most favorite would be "Impossible Spell Card". The fact that it feels like a puzzle game is what excites me about it! You would have to try out many different strategies to finish each level. And, you can also complete the game without using the cheat items, which is what I've been going for in my recent playthrough. Let me tell you, it is not easy. I did reach Day 10, although I've only beaten 2 levels on that.

Another one of my favorite games is "Violet Detector", which I've almost 100%'ed it! It seems easier than the other spin-offs like it, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. Just like "Impossible Spell Card", it felt like a puzzle game, and excited me. One stage I did despise is the one with Tenshi and Kaguya. That duo of spell cards was hell, lemme tell you.

Some of the other games I like are "Hidden Star in Four Seasons", "Double Spoiler", and "Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom".

...oops. I spoke a whole lot, didn't I? Heh, can't help talking about my hyperfixation.

My OC Story

I have a huge interest in making a story, one that connects all together, which I've been developing for many years, since 2020. Almost every OC I've made is present in said story, all in one single universe, or should I say galaxy?

Yea, the whole story takes place in one single galaxy, hence why I have the placeholder name for this story... "Compact Galaxy"! Like I said, it's a placeholder name, so if you can suggest a better name, or if you think this one's fine as is, please tell.

Although, I feel that's unlikely, because like I said earlier, I've barely shown any lore and such for "Compact Galaxy". Plus, it's currently a heavy prototype. Once I'm ready, I'll show a lot about it. Look forward to it, if you want.